One Small Step

The Official Moon Landing Stamps from the Isle of Man Post Office

It has been our great honour and privilege to work with George Abbey and NASA to create this set of stamps marking 50 Years of Lunar Exploration, symbolically themed around that ‘One Small Step’ Neil Armstrong took on the surface of the Moon in 1969. Humanity has studied the Moon for millennia; it has governed our tides, our planting seasons, even the rhythm of our bodies, it is an ever-changing constant in our lives, but it is that one small step that marked the beginning of exploration.

Why do we climb mountains? Because they are there. Why would we visit the Moon? Because it is there, because it is difficult, because to get there is a crowning achievement for humanity. Why haven’t we been back? We asked the people at NASA. The simple answer is that until now, we haven’t needed to, but lunar exploration has a bright future. The Moon will soon be the base for trips to Mars; it will have labs in low gravity, creating medicines and materials impossible to create on Earth. Missions are headed there right now and we are witnessing giant leaps in our space race. We hope you enjoy our little part of this journey.

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One Giant Leap

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One Small Step
50 years of Lunar Exploration
The Official Moon Landing Stamps

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Sheet of 24 stamps x 4

Our thanks to…

The many people who helped bring this issue together

We are very grateful to all those who have helped us, especially Mr George Abbey who worked with NASA during the Apollo missions and was director of the Johnson Space Center during the  NASA Shuttle – Mir Program. We also thank planetary scientist David R. Williams, acting head of the NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive at Goddard Space Flight Center for his input on Moon location references and all the team at NASA for their help with images and information.

We dedicate this issue to Alan Bean, fourth man to walk on the Moon, whose paintings were to grace the stamps. We spoke to him at length, but he sadly passed away before the issue could be laid out. The issue was conceived, planned and designed by Glazier Design. Owner Ben Glazier was born during the Apollo 11 mission; his sister Elizabeth was born during the Apollo 15 mission. Advance planning indeed.